Running is an exercise that many people adopt to have a healthy life style while there are some who take it up as a passion and compete with others in different running competitions. Whatever is the case, everyone has the desire to become a better and efficient runner and these tips will help you achieve that:

1. Be consistent and regular

When going for a running work out, consistently carry on with it for the planned duration; avoid taking breaks in the middle so as to not lose your momentum. It Is also important to run regularly without taking unnecessary days off to hold onto your conditioning. Keep track of your progress regularly and follow a strict training program.

2. Form the right running posture

Efficient running requires an efficient posture that increases your efficiency and minimizes the chances of injury. Make sure to keep your head held high adjacent to your spinal cord, relax your shoulder muscles and work your abs.

3. Chose the Right Shoes

Pick a running shoe that best suits your body needs. Invest in a pair of shoes that doesn’t weigh you down, and is built of strong material to protect your feet and meet your preferences of either full-support or minimalistic support. You may try saucony stability running shoes as I’ve personally used them and really like those.

4. Eat right

Eat right before going for a run; eating too much can leave you with a bloating stomach and eating too less can limit your efficiency and energy levels. Go for foods that are rich in carbs and proteins to provide you sustained energy levels. Space out your eating and running with enough time in between.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated before breaking out into a run to minimize instances of having to stop for a drink due to exhaustion. Again space out your drinking of water and running with at least an hour.

6. Switch running techniques

Switch among different running patterns; running outside instead of just in a gym on a treadmill would not only help you become refreshed but would also build upon your endurance further. Add different techniques to easy running sessions to increase your efficiency.

7. Exercise

Incorporate exercises such as stretching your legs and rotating your ankles in your work out sessions that can improve your running holistically. Getting enough sleep is also important.

Follow these tips and stay at the top of your game and ahead of others on the running track.