While studies are still being conducted, there are already many proven benefits to using a pair of vibrating shoes. Not only are our shoes easy to put on and remove with the adjustable rear entry strap, they are also long lasting, attractive & can be worn with casual clothing. Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes are:

Excellent for traveling: Highly versatile shoes compatible with the demands of a busy schedule.

Mobile vibration therapy for your feet: One can wear shoes & continue activity while receiving vibration massage to the feet.

Designed by a foot & ankle surgeon: Specifically engineered for proper fit & comfort with appropriate vibration frequencies that are felt throughout the foot.

Fully lined with soft Trico: Soft inner lining for comfort and warmth to prevent irritation.

Non-slip with a wide, stable heel: Sole provides traction and safety, allowing the wearer to go outdoors

Soft & stretchy in the toe area: Spandex toe provides warmth and durability while at the same time remaining attractive without causing pressure points to toes.

Rechargeable with up to five hours of power: Built in power supply allows for convenience while away from home.